Candy Kush Review

Snob October 2, 2012 1

Genetics: Trainwreck x OG Kush


Aroma: Very sweet, has a candy/cotton candy smell with a lemon finish.

Flavor: Has a sweet slightly earthy lemon flavor.

Bud Structure: Plump medium density nuggets with purple hues inside the buds, near the stem. The crystal coverage makes this look like the buds glisten and the bright orange hairs are hard to miss.

Medicinal: Pain relief and stress.

Effects:  Uplifting at first with very strong waves of relaxation setting in after about a half hour of smoking. Euphoric and pretty heady at first but that slowly fades to a really relaxed high.

Grade: B+

Candy kush is a pretty strain that smells awesome and smokes equally as well. I found it to be uplifting at first but that faded after a half hour and then waves of relaxation kicked in. It made me pretty lazy and fairly unmotivated after smoking about a gram of it. I got really high off of it and quite lazy – I’d recommend it.


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