Colorado Gun Buy Back Program: Offers Marijuana For Firearms

Mezz February 8, 2013 1

gun n weed

Out of all the enticing offers that gun buyback programs across the nation have offered, from Wall mart gift certificates to vouchers for reduced utility bills, there has been none that have garnered more attention and been more successful than the “Weed for Weapons” program in the state of Colorado.   This program has allowed an amazing amount of no longer needed rifles and handguns to be exchanged for the ultimate opposite of weapons, weed.   In exchange for guns, the buyback offers participants vouchers that allow them to redeem marijuana at participating state sanctioned marijuana dispensaries.  Handguns receive anywhere from a half ounce to a full ounce, rifles and shotguns also get a half ounce to a full ounce, assault rifles can qualify for up to a quarter pound depending on make and model.

With all the recent controversy with medical marijuana patients and gun purchases, ATF refuses to sell to red card holders, along with industry workers and owners who have been told absolutely no guns involved with marijuana, this has been an opportunity for both law enforcing from the state and federal level to collaborate with the medical marijuana industry that will outcome the entire community in a positive way.  .  Once again marijuana seems to be the answer to so many issues of our society.  Gun violence, illicit drugs, and financial obstacles can all be quelled by this rediscovered cash crop of America.

Some people have joked that it must have been an old hippy from Boulder, Co who came up with the idea to trade marijuana for guns, I imagine the picture of the girl putting a flower in the soldier’s gun during the protest at… but alas no one can be accredited with this programs invention because it does not exist.

Maybe it should though, maybe it’s the answer, maybe this is the even ground that will be good for all parties involved.  The law enforcement interest will have a new inventive way to do their job of getting dangerous guns off our streets, which obviously benefits the community at large, and then of course the marijuana industry and medical marijuana patients would benefit in so many ways.  This new contribution that the marijuana community could provide could be the bridge work for the federal government to find a new compromise with states that have worked so hard to get a legal industry going in the midst of such hurdles.

I invite anyone to take this idea as an open source proposal, in other words anyone is welcome to use this idea.  Even if this is never implemented hopefully it inspires people throughout law enforcement, government, and the marijuana industry to keep thinking of new ways to build bridges and work to make our communities safer.  In 2010, guns deaths were a total of 30,470 here in United States, of those 19,392 (63.6%) were suicide deaths, and 11,078 (36.4%) homicide deaths.  Marijuana’s rates for kills were 0%, any criminal  related deaths involving marijuana were a result of continued probation that allows the black market to continue to find success.  Also, one last thing marijuana can help with depression, and that’s just what I know from my life.

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  1. DAVE February 20, 2013 at 3:22 PM - Reply

    Is this just an idea or can you really trade guns for pot somewhere?

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