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In today’s day and age we have come to find that even though the flowers of the medical marijuana have improved in quality over the years. The making of hash product has become an overwhelming market. With the tinctures, medicated rubs, edibles, drinks and concentrates we have come to find the values in extracting oils from the cannabis plant.  Since the dawn of time man has used cannabis extracts to from religious rituals to treatments of illness.

Since becoming a legal medical marijuana patient I have had the pleasure of testing and retesting the multitude of hash on the market. Basically you have a few common types of hash, Bubble hash, using cold water to extracted the trichomes,

Butane extraction (BHO), CO2 extraction, and Isopropyl alcohol (ISO) a chemical reaction with the butane and the cannabis plant removes the oils from the plant matter leaving behind just the pure THC.

For many people the hash experience is a little taboo, I feel that’s just because they do not know enough about it. When shopping for your medicine I’ve found that the amount of product that is consumed to treat my aliments has grown. After finding the Ear Wax Hash I quickly noticed that the tolerance level I had developed did not matter. The reason for this I believe is the real potency of the hash. After medicating with the flowers normally having a THC content anywhere from 12% to 19%. Then using the concentrates that ranges anywhere from 50% to 95% THC you will realize that you only need 1 hit for an entire evening.  Ear wax comes in many varieties. The sativa stains typically have a lighter yellowish color where the indica strains are more of a golden honey color. To say that one is better than other would be dependent on what you’re tastes are. Because they are so potent I would suggest testing a few different kinds to decide what works best for you.

How do you tell if the product is good? Great question, with the amount of people making their own extractions and very few regulations it may be hard to determine where to get your ear wax. First thing I look for in an ear wax is the color make sure it is a yellow or golden with no dark plant matter mixed in Next I smell the wax here is where most fail, the smell should be aromatic as with the flowers, but occasionally you will be able to smell the solvent they used for extraction like butane it will have a gassy smell.  At this point you only need to test the product with a concentrates pipe or on top of your flowers. This test is the fun one and the part that comes down to personal preference. You should have a taste that is palatable, some taste of bubble gum, others of lemon. You should not taste the solvent in any way when the extraction process is done properly. Something I noticed is medicating with ear wax and other concentrates will definitely elevate you to a weed snob.

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