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Grape Ape2


Genetics: Afghani x Skunk #1


Aroma: Has some deep grape notes with a bit of lavender.

Flavor: Has a very smooth and crisp grape flavor.

Bud Structure: Beautiful dense nuggets with a bright green color and reddish orange hairs. Very plump nuggets with great crystal coverage.

Medicinal: Depression, anxiety, pain relief, and ADHD (I’m not a Doctor, consult one for a reference).

Effects:  Very mellow and relaxing with a decent body buzz and fair heady effect.

Grade: B

Grape Ape is a classic that doesn’t disappoint too often in its effects. It’s mellow and in high doses will help with your insomnia. It’s causes a slight pressure in my head but other than that, it doesn’t provide much head related relief. In our humble opinion grape ape is at it’s best with friends, being passed around at the end of the day, goofing off and conversing. You can use grape ape as a social lubricant, similar to alcohol or use it to get off the sauce all together.

grape ape 1


Grape APe3

Review product is from Pure Intentions Wellness Center.



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  1. CandyInCo March 22, 2013 at 5:57 AM - Reply

    Love the Grape Ape ! Very good for intense back pain for me.

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