Medical Marijuana Week Day Three

Snob February 15, 2012 0

It is day three of medical marijuana week and ASA wants you guys on the war path for legalization. The federal crackdown on dispensaries are disgusting, cowardly examples of how ignorant our government is. The US government sent out threatening letters to a number of governors trying to stop them from allowing their states from implementing sensible marijuana regulation.

Two Governors Gregoire (WA) and Chafee (RI) have filed a petition with the Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify cannabis out of Schedule I. This classification would allow us to do medical research on cannabis and leave the medical marijuana industry alone. If you would like to read more about the governors petition, check out ASA’s blog.

Today ASA encourages everyone to reach out to their governor and urge them to sign the governors petition. Find out how to contact your governor, click here.

Here is the script ASA provides for you to say to your governor when you write or call today:

Governor _______________________________,

The Governors Gregoire (WA) and Chafee (RI) have shown leadership and are taking steps in the right direction towards ending federal interference in state and local public health laws, but this is not enough.  We need other governors to follow suit.  As your constituent and a member of the medical cannabis community, I urge you to sign onto the Governors’ petition urging the DEA to reschedule cannabis thereby opening up scientific research.  Our community needs your leadership to ensure safe access to medical cannabis.  Please help us end federal interference in medical cannabis programs and work toward creating policies that will resolve the conflict between state and federal laws once and for all.  Please sign onto the petition to reschedule cannabis today!

Thank You

Get your voice out, let it be known that this unjust bullying the federal government is doing the medical marijuana industry is wrong. Celebrate your call to the governor or medical marijuana week in general with some chocolope or some of the potent earwax vanilla kush. 

Have a safe and responsible medical marijuana week no matter what you decide to do this week. As medical marijuana patients we represent the legal community as it exists today, don’t disrespect that right. Represent the community well.


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