Zeta Sage Strain Review

Snob August 3, 2012 3

Genetics: Pre-92 OG Kush x S.A.G.E  

Indica/Sativa: Hybrid

Aroma: Pungent gasoline with blueberries before you break it up. After you break it up the blueberry smell comes through with sweet and strong. It’s almost like an incense broken up, just wonderful.

Flavor:  You taste the blueberries right away and then it fades out to a sour almost menthol flavor that hangs out on your tongue afterwards. Very unique tasting, you won’t soon forget this one.

Bud Structure: Dense nuggets with tight buds absolutely coated in crystals, the stem glistens in the sun.

Medicinal: Dispensary didn’t say and I’m not a doctor. (I know it’s a copout but it’s just gonna a guess anyway.)

Effects:  Very uplifting and “heady” this is very potent euphoria. There is a relaxing calming sense to it but it pales in comparison to the head effects.

Grade: A++

Zeta Sage is just WOW. If you want your head to float off your body and hang out with whichever dead person you wish to mingle with, then this is your ticket.  You’ll be chilled out on the couch feeling like you’re floating for a while on this one. Zeta Sage is in my top five and one of the best hybrids I’ve had in months.

Review product is from Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine.

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  1. Sagemasta March 4, 2013 at 10:55 PM - Reply

    This makes no sense it doesn’t even mention s.a.g.e.

    Zeta sage = S.A.G.E. x OGer Kush

    • Snob March 5, 2013 at 11:06 AM - Reply

      Word. we got it corrected with the genetics from rocky mountain organic medicine where we got the review product from. Thanks for pointing out how high I was.

  2. Romono February 17, 2015 at 12:49 AM - Reply

    Fire ass bud

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